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Henrik Eeltee

Innovation consultant

Everything is possible.


Lehari Kaustel

Creative producer

Creativity is the result of systematic and consistent work.


Mihkel Tamm


Reliable project management gives an idea wings to fly.


Dali Kask

Music psychologist

Sounds surround people almost everywhere. When the sounds reach someone’s ear, they become impulses inside the inner ear, that activate many parts of the brain on their way to the auditory centre. As a result physiological, spiritual as well as social reactions take place.


Ionel Lehari

Design strategist

We trust our sense of vision the most – that is why it deceives us so often when we try to comprehend something real.


Martin Poltimäe

Scent marketing expert

Out of our five senses the sense of smell influences the emotions and memories the most.


Dimitri Demjanov

Creator of tastes

You can only be as GOOD as GOOD your taste is!


Madis Laas


Creativity as a learned pattern of operation reduces the insecurity concerning future.


Eva Unt


Impressive visuals trigger imagination.



Systematic. Thorough. Methodical.

Royal has 20 years of experience in event marketing world, which has helped us to create an innovative tool. Together with internationally recognised specialists and researchers we have developed a methodology that can help us increase the effectiveness of a planned experience. The most significant side of event marketing is the effect of the event on participants. In order to best achieve that goal we offer our clients extraordinary and unique events, that provide a full brand experience. Our events that are partly prepared using a scientific methodology are more productive, more exclusive and will be remembered for a longer time.

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Creative Union is a unique group in Estonia that connects close to 100 marketing communication experts. Since 2000 Royal Experience is part of the creative agencies association called Creative Union. Depending on the tasks we form a dynamic team; together we run and carry out different processes.

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